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Doctor Who: 'Tooth and Claw' Or 'The Origins of Torchwood'

Doctor Who: Tooth and Claw

“In ‘Tooth and Claw’, the Tardis is back to its goold old self and, instead of taking The Doctor and Rose to Sheffield 1979 (so that they could see Ian Dury and the Blockheads live in concert), it takes them to Scotland… in 1879.

That’s also when Queen Victoria is expected to visit Sir Robert McLeash and his wife at their house, the Torchwood Estate…

But It looks like the Tardis, didn’t bring the Time Lord and his companion to that time and place by accident: There have previously been a possible assassinat attempt against the monarch and the Torchwood Estate has been taken over by a cult’s members who have some rather sinister plans for Queen Victoria and the British empire…”

Classic ‘Doctor Who’: Vintage Dalek Photos Unearthed

Doctor Who Vintage Daleks

The collection of photos range from the Sixties to the Seventies with a focus on Daleks, and includes First Doctor William Hartnell, and Third Doctor Jon Pertwee. There are even a couple pics of Peter Cushing‘s Doctor as well…